Five Things Friday


Helloooo, and welcome back to my blog! (And happy September!) If you follow me on Twitter, you probably would have seen that I announced that I was having a 'blogging holiday'. I just felt like I was getting a bit overwhelmed with planning posts, and working full time as well, so there was no time for myself to relax (I was coming in from work, scheduling posts, and before you knew it I was back at work again). Also, I have been a very busy bee recently, but now I am back with a brand new post!
Wait a minute, posting on a FRIDAY?! Yes, I decided to add one more day in. This new series is called 'Five Things Friday' where I look at things I have enjoyed throughout the week, or things that may make me happy in general, no matter how big or small. So let us get started!!

1) It's Payday - Today in fact! Erm, who doesn't like payday?!
2) Bank Holiday Monday - I don't work Mondays anymore, which means that when there's a Bank Holiday Monday I don't have to work it! I had a day out to Leigh-On-Sea
3) New Job - On Wednesday I had some good news! I'm going to do an apprenticeship in engineering for Ford, starting from the 18th September
4) New Post - This is probably a small one but who cares?! I've made a new post for the first time since last week!
5) Catch Ups - I hadn't seen one of my old work friends in a few months, and it was nice to see her at the weekend to have a catch up

That's all, I hope to keep these up every week!

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