Favourite Items In My Make Up Collection


Hello once again to my 23 Week Blog Challenge! If you're new here, then welcome to my blog and thank you for taking an interest! Last month, I set myself a challenge to write about one of the topics (at the bottom of the page) once a week leading up until the end of the year. Check out previous posts by clicking on the links below.
Right, now we're onto week 5 of 23, and I can show you some of my favourite items in my make up collection!
Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat, and Nail Hardener, £2.99
 I am pretty sure I rave on about this Basecoat, Topcoat, and Nail Hardener by Barry M at every opportunity I can get (for example in other posts here, here and here). I love this because it helps keep the newly painted nails free from chips, and makes the colour shine and stand out. I keep going back to this product after it runs out so I definitely recommend it! 
Kat Von D Lock It Foundation - £27 from Debenhams
                                                            - $35 from KatVonDBeauty
 Also another product I absolutely adore! I bought this just to try out and see if it was worth the hype that everyone made about it, and it definitely is!! You can check out my review of this Lock It Foundation by Kat Von D in a post I made here. This is in my favourites for many reasons; 1) it is true to its word about being full coverage (hiding all that nasty redness), 2) it doesn't feel too heavy on my face, 3) a little goes a long way, and 4) there are so many shades to choose from. It may cost £27, but I will be repurchasing this again!
Barry M Mist & Fix, Make-up Setting Spray, £4.99
 Where would we be without make-up setting spray? (Probably with make up that doesn't stay on our faces). I love this Mist and Fix Make Up Setting Spray by Barry M because it does exactly what it says on the cover, it helps keep my make up stay in place and lasts as long as I need it to!
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (in Budapest), £6 from Boots
NYX Lip Liner £3 from Boots
Oh what a pair these two are! (I really need to buy more Budapest because I have run out of it!!) These two colours go so well together - I like to line my lips using the lip liner before filling in using the liquid lip cream. Such a gorgeous colour!
NYX Pore Filler £11 from Boots
I have talked about the NYX Pore Filler before in my beauty haul here and my go to make up here. I saw this in a video (I can't remember which one, sorry!) and thought I would give it a go. I didn't realise how good this would be! I love it as it creates a perfect smooth surface to put my foundation on.
NYX Skinny Eye Marker £8 from Boots
I promise you I am not sponsored by NYX (but if y'all want to change that hit me up yeah???) Na, I just really love their products and they are cruelty frees!! I have been loving this NYX Skinny Eye Marker and I have gone through my second already. I feel that this is so easy to apply (it is just like drawing on your eyes with a pen) and it lasts for so long. Definitely something I will be using for a while. 
Too Faced Love Light Highlighter (Blinded By The Light) £25 from Too Faced
This was actually my first and only highlighter so I have got to be honest that I haven't got anything else to compare this with, buuuuut I love it anyway!
NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade (in Brunette), £6 from Boots
Okay so if you follow my blog, you can see by posts here, here, and here, that I am so in love with the NYX Tame & Frame brow pomade. So it shouldn't be that surprising that I have put it in my Favourite Items In My Make-up Collection post. I love how cheap it is, I love how easy it is to apply, I love the colour, aaaand I love that it stays on my face. 

That's all for now! Check out the rest of my 23 Week Blog Challenge below!

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