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Hello everyone, hope you are all okay! In today's post, I wanted to talk about some of the blog props that I like to use for some of my blog photography. When I began blogging, I found it really useful going through other people's blogs and finding links and information about how to achieve really nice looking photography.
Cream Flowers
 I saw lots of blog photography that had flowers in them so I decided to buy this bunch of 10 from Amazon for £1.36 here. I went for cream because I thought that it would go with so much more, and I could add colourful things to it if I wanted to. I just love how they give more life to a photograph and the product next to it. You can see the flowers in use in blog posts here and here.
Marble Background
After searching the internet high and low for a marble background (and having no luck) I finally decided to make my own one. My marble background is made from two products; one, a marble patterned adhesive for £1.95 from eBay, and the second being an Clear Acrylic A3 Sheet for £4.13 from Amazon. I covered the acrylic sheet with the patterned adhesive to create this marble background. Check out my marble background in use here.
I think these pink petals are gorgeous and give more life to a photograph! By just scattering them next to a product, it gives it more character (see in some photographs in a post here. I bought these from Amazon for £1.04 here.

Rose Gold Fairy Lights
If you saw my Boohoo Haul you can see that I bought these Rose Gold Fairy Lights for £7. Okay, I may not have used these in my blog photography yet but they are a good idea aren't they?! I might use them more in Autumn/Winter products posts.

Other props that I would use that are laying around:
  • Magazines
  • Coloured Paper
  • Jewellery
I hope this was helpful!

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