10 Facts About Me


Hello, and welcome back everyone! (If you're new here then this is perfect timing). I have been posting on this blog since January, and I realised that you lovelies know what I buy, what my favourite products are each month, and what I have been making, but there's not much you know about me. I feel like it is time to let my readers know a little bit more about me, so here we have 10 Facts About Me for my next 23 Week Blog Challenge. (Please note that it's harder than it looks to think of 10 facts about oneself!!)
Also, another little update: I'm doing two of these challenges in a week to catch up with the week I had off!

1) I have been vegetarian for 8 years now
2) I'm 24 years old
3) I have worked in retail for 7 years
4) I wear glasses/contacts
5) I love photography
6) I have lost count of how many tattoos I have
7) I have asthma
8) Happily in a relationship of almost 3 years
9) I am now starting a new apprenticeship!
10) I am allergic to cats

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