Primark Haul | July 2017


Guess who has been shopping agaaaaain! (I'll give you a clue, it begins with St and ends in eph). Yep, me! Since losing loads of weight lately, I've struggled finding clothes that actually fit me properly (even the smallest sizes have been too big), it's been so heartbreaking falling in love with an item of clothing and it makes me look like a potato! Anyway, here's what I have been buying from Primark/Penney's in July.
Mint Jumper, 13 euros from Penny's
First of all we have this gorgeous mint jumper I bought in Penney's when I was away in Ireland. I know I know, you're probably reading this and thinking errr Steph, who buys jumpers in summer??! but I fell in love with the style and the colour so I had to have it!! I got it for 13 euros (I'm not sure if it's in an English Primark though). It may be a little baggy, but it's comfy!
Stripe Top from Penney's
A surprising fact about this top is that it's actually a 14!! I'm mostly a size 8 or 10, so Primark has seriously got its sizes muddled up! I love This little top as it's so simple to just chuck on with some high waist shorts or jeans.

White Trainers from Primark
Next up we have these white trainers! I only have black trainers, and seeing as I have a lot of light summery clothes, I thought they wouldn't look nice with darker shoes so I needed to buy some white shoes! These were only £5 from Primark and they're really comfortable!
White Top 8 euros from Penney's
Last but not least we have this white t-shirt. I bought this on holiday in Ireland so had to treat myself! I love the little mesh 'V' as it gives just a simple plain white t-shirt a bit of character.

That's all I've got from Primark/Penney's last month, let's check out your hauls!

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  1. I have the same issues with sizing! The jumper is a great find x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Oh gosh it's so annoying isn't it?! Forever different sizes everywhere haha.
      Thank you! :)

  2. You can get some great stuff in Primark, I ac have quite a few dresses and skirts for work from there! Sizing can be annoying for me cos I'm so short and never know what will fit ha x

    S x

    1. Yeah some of their work wear is so lovely, and being good prices is a bonus! Ah same I find the 'short' legs are too long I can't buy trousers from there 😂 X

  3. You've got some great items!