Monthly Lenses Vs Daily Lenses


Helloooo again everyone!
Okay, before I start on this post I want to address that I'm not a contact lens expert so if you have any questions go to your local opticians! I'm just talking about my personal experience with both daily and monthly lenses, and the pros/cons of each. 
This is a bit different to what I normally post but this may be helpful to someone else! I've been wearing contact lenses for about 4 years now (I wish I wore them sooner because oh the daily struggle of wearing glasses!!) I started wearing monthly lenses before changing over to daily lenses. Below are some of the differences I have noticed between using the two!

Monthly Lenses
I started off on monthly lenses because that is what the optician recommended, and it was the cheaper option to go for at the time. (Also, they gave me a free month trial so why not ay?!) Basically, monthly lenses are lenses where you keep for a month - cleaning them with the lens solution every time you take them out, put them in, and store them. 
PROS: I think the only positive thing about wearing monthly lenses was that I didn't have to carry around spare pairs if I was going on holiday, or going out and staying round the boyfriend's. Oh, and the second thing was they were cheaper (I think I paid £18 a month).
CONS: To be honest I had more trouble with monthly lenses than daily lenses (maybe it was just me). 1) I found they split more, so I either had to wear glasses for the rest of the month or open a new pack of lenses. 2) The solution was heavy to carry round. 3) After a couple of weeks, they didn't feel 'fresh' and I didn't like wearing them. 4) I kept forgetting what date I put them in and what day I had to change them.

Daily Lenses
So daily lenses are basically lenses that you put in daily, throw away after use, and put in a fresh set the day after. I have been wearing daily lenses for over a year now and I definitely think they are much better than monthly ones!
PROS: It feels cleaner putting a fresh pair of lenses in every day, and it saves the hassle of having to clean them after taking them out or before putting them in. If one splits, I can easily use another one without it really affecting the number of lenses. Also there's no big bottle to carry around!
CONS: There's only two things I didn't like about daily lenses: 1) they are more expensive (I pay £24 for 30 pairs), and 2) I've had to purchase more boxes if I've used lenses more than usual.

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