Currently | August 2017


Halloooooo! Do you know what I thought would be a good idea? Writing 'Currently' posts each month! I have seen so many of these on other peoples' blogs, so wanted to do one of my own (plus it will be nice to see what has changed from month to month). Also, how scary is it that it's the end of August already?! 
I'm currently reading A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen. I'm almost half way already and I am really enjoying it! I didn't realise it was based on a true story until I started reading it, so it is nice and so much easier to visualise the relationship being built between cat and man throughout the book.  

I rarely watch TV! But I am currently into the new season of Game of Thrones, even though the latest episode got me so mad. Did you guys see it?! (Seriously, it is so good but man fuck that show at the same time).

Listening To
I swear every time I open Spotify I'm like 'ooh I haven't listened to Post Malone since the last time I opened Spotify'. So, there you have it, I have been listening to Post Malone A LOT.

As I'm writing this I have been stress-eating biscuits because I have an interview coming up (watch me not fit into my skirt lul)

Looking Forward To
There are many things I am actually looking forward to (you can see it in more detail here): 1) I'm loving the fact that me and Rick have finally booked to visit Norwich on the 9th of September. I have always wanted to go so I cannot wait! 2) I booked to see The Lion King on the 20th of September, and 3) I know this is next year, but I've got 

Guys what do I do apart from work all of the time?! Well, at the time that this is published I would have had my interview (at the time of writing this I don't know how that went, I will update you in the future).

So that's everything, can't wait to do another one of these for September!

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