Boohoo Haul


I'm not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to buying things from Boohoo, especially when I have free next day delivery for a year and they have 20% off everything (erm, hello, get. in. my. bag.). So yeah, I have been buying some more things recently (sorry bank account), and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to show you what I have purchased. This one is a bit different because it is a mixture of clothing and pretty things I thought would look cute in my room or blog photography. ALSO, I would like to point out that I had so much fun doing the little outfit shots!!
Faux Cactus in Ceramic Plant Pot, £4
Originally this was £7 but I bought it in the sale for only £4!! This faux cactus is probably the most random item I have bought from Boohoo, but I saw how cute it looked on the website (yes, I said a fake plant is cute) so I just had to buy it. It looks fab placed on a shelf in my book stand, and will look nice within blog photographs (well, I hope it will). Unfortunately the one I bought is out of stock.
Cold Shoulder Soft Knit Rib Swing Dress, £12
Whilst flicking through the Boohoo website I came across this gorgeous nude swing dress that I immediately fell in love with! When I tried it on, it was a bit tight on the arms but that is something I can live with as it wasn't that uncomfortable. I was thinking I could pair this with some knee high boots when it becomes more chilly out, or (like the other day) I wore this with a faux leather jacket, black tights, and black ankle boots. It's such a simple and versatile dress, I love it!
Mesh Insert Capri Running Trousers, £8
After running about twice for the first time in a while, I suddenly had the thought that I was a fitness goddess and was inspired to buy some more work out gear (plus I needed something to make my butt look gd). Anyway, I found these lovely cropped running trousers and thought I would give them a go as I was planning to start working out more. I found that they were very comfortable to wear!
Layered Strappy Sports Bra, £8
This sport bra was a MASSIVE risk for me because for those who know me, I have hated my stomach for so long as it is just so soft (I know I'm a size 8-10, but I have a squishy belly too that I hate!) I'm not sure if this was meant to be the matching top to the trousers above, but I thought it looked nice with them. Also, I wear this when I work out by myself at home!
Petite Turtle Neck Double Layer Dress, £8
I made it a mission of mine to get more colour in my wardrobe, because I basically live in black leggings with some kind of top, or my work uniform. I came across this dress which I absolutely luuuurve, especially the colour! I was a bit worried at first because it's tight fitting but it doesn't look too bad and is really comfortable. I just need somewhere to wear this to!
Rose Gold Fairy Lights, £7
This is another random item that I wasn't specifically looking for but ended up in my basket anyway! I don't know how I came across these fairy lights, I think I may have been scrolling through the accessories and thought 'ooh they look cute!' My intentions with these are 1) to make my room look cute, and 2) to make my blog photographs look cute (both of which I haven't done because I cannot be bothered to buy batteries or take them out of the packaging). So, you may see these in my photography at some point!

That's all for my Boohoo haul, let's see some of your hauls!

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