Blogging Goals | August 2017


It doesn't feel that long ago since I posted my blogging goals for July! Maaaan, this month has flown by. Anyway, another month has gone and you know what that means, some brand new or slightly updated  blog goals for August! I want this post to be a reflection of last month's goals (what I achieved from them and what I could do better). If you haven't seen my July goals, you can check them out here.

JULY: Previously, my blog posts have been published as and when I write them (they could be different times/days). I feel like this isn't doing my blog any good so I've tried to keep on top of bringing out a new post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 5pm. This'll help my readers know when a new post is going to be up!
Last month I noticed how scattered my blog posts were, as they weren't being posted on set days or times. By having a schedule (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 5pm London) I have noticed more views on my posts. My August goals are to maintain this system, and try to get many posts written up and scheduled.

JULY: I don't want to just focus on one thing all of the time, I want to share with you a variety of different things from beauty to photography, fashion to life updates.
I feel like I have done a good job at making posts different each time, and I have put thought into everything that I post. I want to make my content interesting to the readers (what do you think??) Also, sort of relating to content, I want to share at least one post on Facebook this month!

JULY: Lately I've been photographing products for my posts on a white background to help emphasise the products. I want to experiment with new ways to make my photographs look more eye-catching and try to take them in better lighting.
Okay I have been doing well so far with making my product photography look good, making sure they look presentable and in focus. I also want to do more flatlay photography!

JULY: I want to look at more blogs and start commenting more than I do on other peoples' posts instead of just reading them (I need to stop being so shy and more engaging!)
I have been engaging a lot last month on other peoples blogs and have received many positive comments on my blog/Twitter. Thank you everyone for your comments!

Write Down Ideas
JULY: I honestly have such a bad memory; I end up having a good idea and thinking 'I'll type that up later', and as soon as later comes the idea completely disappears! I want to keep a pen and notebook on me just so I can write down things I want to post about.
Last month's aim worked out well! I have kept a diary of my upload schedule, and a notebook for ideas. I just need to buy a new notebook now!

We have a brand new aim for August! I'm averaging at about 32 daily page views so my aim for this month is to get up to 1,500 monthly page views!

What are your aims for this month? Post them below!

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You got it girl!