Summer Essentials


So the hot weather has hit us Brits hard lately, especially days where it's reaching temperatures of up to 30 degrees! Everyone I come across seems to talk about how hot the weather is; to summarise Summer in Britain here's what 99% of my conversations at work look like:
Customer: *Waves hand to fan face* 'It's very hot today!'
Me: 'Yes it's not the nice kind of heat either'
Customer: 'It's very humid, there's no air'
Me: 'It would be nicer if there was a cool breeze'
Customer: *Agrees* 'You're lucky you're in here'

Moving back to the point of this post now, here are 4 things that I think are essential to keep on me when the days are getting hotter.

I bought these sunglasses (or as I like to call them my 'snob glasses') from Primark, and they have served me well over the years. Gotta keep those rays out of your eyes!
Sun Cream - Soltan from Boots
Always put on sun cream and top up throughout the day so you don't burn, and protect your skin from those UV rays! I use factor 50+ to protect my pale and tattooed skin, and I prefer this spray on as it's easier to apply but there's different types out there.
As they're always announcing at train stations during this heat, it's important to carry around a drink with you to keep hydrated. I've been having headaches recently due to the heat so I take 2 bottles to work now and keep topping them up.
Hayfever Tablets
If you're not a sufferer to allergies/hayfever then this won't relate to you, but one last essential for me this summer is to take daily hayfever tablets. These just help reduce the symptoms so I'm not a snotty mess all of the time.

What are your summer essentials?

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