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Hello everyone! If you saw my blog post here from last week, you would know that I wanted to start a little blog challenge leading up to New Year. 
After booking to go to America in March and having recently come back from Ireland, I feel like I've been bitten by the travelling bug (not a literal bug btw). There are so many beautiful places in the world that I have not yet seen, and it is my aim to see more than just this little island that is the UK!!
1) Norwich, UK
I know Norwich is in the UK but I still want to go there to see what it's like (plus it makes sense to go to the place you've been looking for property in!) Have a look at the photograph on Scenic Norfolk and you'll be able to see why I want to see its beauty! There's so much to see and do, especially with the help of sites like Visit Norfolk.
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2) Berlin, Germany
I've wanted to visit Berlin for a while now but have never got the chance to do so. I don't know much about it (hence why I'm looking up things to do) but after searching on Trip Advisor I've seen there's so much I want to see and do!
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3) San Francisco, USA
I'm happy to say that I will tick this one off in March next year! I have actually booked a trip with Trek America to do the Western BLT which starts from San Francisco and ends up in Los Angeles. So excited!
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4) Switzerland
I know the rest of this list is specific places in a country, but I've always wanted to visit Switzerland as there looks like there is so much to see! I'm not sure where about in Switzerland I would like to go, but I've been looking at websites such as TripAdvisor to see where I'd want to see first.
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5) Rome, Italy
From photographs I have seen, Rome look like an absolutely beautiful place to visit; one of the main things would be seeing the Trevi Fountain in real life!
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That's it for five places I want to visit! Where do you want to travel to?

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