Lush Haul | July 2017


Hello everyone! I was out shopping the other day, and somehow my legs walked me into Lush (how did that happen?!) Well, seeing as I had already gone in there, I had to buy some nice new smelly bits. I actually haven't had a lush haul in a while so why not treat myself ay?
Blackberry Bath Bomb - £3.50
 When I get things from Lush, I try to get new things or bath bombs I haven't tried before, and the blackberry bath bomb so happens to be one of those. I was drawn to the smell of this one as it is quite sweet but also seems like it'll make a very relaxing bath. Also, on the Lush website it notes that the ingredient 'bergamot is used in aromatherapy for anxiety, depression and nervous tension' which sounds perfect for this ball of nerves here!
Butterball - £2.75
 Whether it's Butterball or Butterbear, I have always been a fan of these cocoa butter bath bombs. (Can't go wrong for £2.75 either!) I love putting this in my bath because, even though it may not look like much, but it is so soothing to dry of irritated skin, leaving me feel very moisturised! It also has a light scent that is relaxing (ylang ylang is used to relieve anger, panic, and fear).
Charity Pot - £3.50 
Charity Pot is also another one that I have tried and loved because a little bit of product goes a long way (plus the money goes towards charity!) This product comes in three different sizes; 10g for £1, 45g for £3.50, and 240g for £13.50. I decided to pick this up again because 1) I have a tattoo booked in September so I want to be prepared for the healing stage, and 2) it feels so lovely on my skin!
Yellow Submarine - £3.95
Last but not least we have this Yellow Submarine. Not gonna lie, the main reason why I was drawn to this was the colours as the pink/yellow is bright and summery! The smell is so lovely and tropical too, as put on the Lush website 'Brazilian orange, lemongrass and coriander seed oil will enliven the senses and transport you to sunny shores' - perfect for these summer months! (Or, during these rainy days)

That's all for my lush haul! Have you tried any of these?

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  1. Oh, Lush. I'd love to buy EVERYTHING from Lush.. Too bad I'm on a tight budget haha x
    Lauraconteur ♥

    1. Yesssss I know what you mean! I wanna get so much but only buy a few things just as a little treat haha x