Ireland Part 2 | Photography


Good afternoon everyone! (Or good morning if you are just waking up for breakfast!) As promised, here is the second part of my Ireland trip. You can check out part one here!
One thing I love about photography as a hobby is that there's no time limit (like there was at college); I can just snap away, happy as Larry, at things that make me say 'ooh that looks pretty'. The following photographs are from various places such as Easky, Downpatrick Head, and Ceide Fields.
It's weird to think that I was falling asleep in the car and wanted to go to bed before taking photographs here! I woke up when the car stopped and I think the beautiful sunset and views are what made me change my mind. Easky is located in County Sligo on the Atlantic Coast.
Downpatrick Head
We had a long walk up the hill at Downpatrick Head, and as we got up there these fellas were wandering about! (I did get scared as two crept up behind me and baa'd!) What I love about this photograph is that they are all in a line with their heads down so I got lucky with the timing!
Another one from our visit to Easky! I just had to capture this with the sun going down in the background. I don't care how strange I looked by getting on the floor because it was worth it for a shot like this!
Ceide Fields
I took a lot of photographs at Ceide Fields as there was so much to take in! I just like the way the hills sort of frame the sea. I must add that even though this looks so peaceful, it was so cold and windy!
Cliff side
This was actually on the way to Ceide Fields, and it was nice to see Downpatrick Head from another angle. In this photograph I love how the cliff is in the centre framed by the plants.
Just before leaving Easky, I wanted to capture the sunset as it was showing so many beautiful colours. Also, I didn't get a decent photograph but whilst we were hear we saw some dolphins jumping and swimming about!
Downpatrick Head
Some of the places we visited had these rust-coloured signs next to them. Here's one from Downpatrick Head.

That's all the photographs! Have you travelled anywhere recently?

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