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Hello everyone! I'm currently sitting here surprised at how little time it has actually taken me to edit my photographs from Ireland, (after all, I had 392 to go through). As you may have known I flew out to Ireland on Sunday 25th June and came back the following Friday, where I spent some time with my family at our holiday home. Whilst out there, I had so many opportunities to take photographs (hence why I took almost 400!!!). Don't worry, I haven't edited all 392 because many are very similar or I don't really like; there are 14 of my favourites so I'll break these into 2 posts! (Check out part two here)
Downpatrick Head
Downpatrick Head is located in the North West of the Republic of Ireland. 'Sitting out in the wild Atlantic Ocean, Downpatrick Head is an area of...coastal beauty and historical importance'. We were lucky with the weather whilst visiting here; the views and plants were absolutely beautiful.
Ceide Fields
'The Ceide Fields are the oldest known field systems in the world, over five and a half millennia old'. We visited Ceide Fields a couple of days after seeing Downpatrick Head (they are located near each other). Before walking out to the Ceide Fields, there is a visitor centre where you can have something to eat, and pay €4 (adult) to get to know the site's history. It includes a video to watch, displays/exhibitions, a trail onto the site. 
It's ridiculous how many attempts it took me to capture these waves crashing against the rock in Easky (located in County Sligo). I had a lot of patience here but it was worth it!
Ceide Fields
Another photograph from the Ceide Fields; this time some plants growing through these stone walls. I just liked the way life found its way to grow through the gaps.
House Guest
So this isn't something you see everyday, a bat up close! This lovely little creature must have got lost as we found it sitting on our wall in the morning. After a quick photograph, it was moved to a safer and darker area.
Downpatrick Head
I'm pleasantly surprised by this photograph as I didn't know I'd be picking it as one of my favourites. I took this quickly on our walk up the hill thinking nothing of it, but looking at it closely I love the colours and composition. (It was lucky we had a beautiful day to photograph!)
Downpatrick Head
Okay so that long walk up the hill was worth it to see the views from the cliff! (I rarely do portrait photography, but I had to for this to fit the whole thing in!!)

Thank you for visiting, look out for part 2 on Sunday at 5pm!

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