Green Summer Smoothie


After reading the Summer Smoothies post over at Charlie Nailed It, and seeing how delicious it looked, I was inspired to make my own smoothies (also I need an excuse to drink something other than tea and water all the time!) I purchased the Russell Hobbs 'Mix & Go Cool' Smoothie Maker from Sainsbury's (at the time of purchase it was on sale for £15, bargain!)
I'm a bit of a beginner at smoothie-making, so after so many searches trying to find a recipe with little ingredients, I loved the sound of the 3-Ingredient Smoothie by Cook Eat Paleo.
Baby Spinach, Frozen Pineapple Chunks, Coconut Milk
Above are the only 3 ingredients that were used. As the recipe instructions say '1 cup' and I have no idea what this means in cooking terms, I guessed by using a measuring jug and putting a little bit in at a time (see image below). First I added the spinach, then the milk, and finally the pineapple chunks. Simple as that!
All the ingredients together
After mixing all the ingredients together (and being startled at the blender starting after placing the cup on it), I added the mixture into a cute little glass jar to drink out of. You are able to make these smoothies and drink straight from the container they are mixed in if you are on the go.

Yummy and refreshing! What are your favourite smoothies?

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