Blogging Goals | July 2017


As you are probably aware, I'm up and blogging again! In the past I've been a bit on and off with blogging, but as it's something I really enjoy doing I want to keep it up. I've decided to write my own personal blogging goals because I think a) it will help to improve my blog, b) it will help be to break down what I want to achieve, and c) in the future I can see if I have done some/all of the thing I wrote down.

Previously, my blog posts have been published as and when I write them (they could be different times/days). I feel like this isn't doing my blog any good so I've tried to keep on top of bringing out a new post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 5pm. This'll help my readers know when a new post is going to be up!

I don't want to just focus on one thing all of the time, I want to share with you a variety of different things from beauty to photography, fashion to life updates.

Lately I've been photographing products for my posts on a white background to help emphasise the products. I want to experiment with new ways to make my photographs look more eye-catching and try to take them in better lighting.

I want to look at more blogs and start commenting more than I do on other peoples' posts instead of just reading them (I need to stop being so shy and more engaging!)

Write Down Ideas
I honestly have such a bad memory; I end up having a good idea and thinking 'I'll type that up later', and as soon as later comes the idea completely disappears! I want to keep a pen and notebook on me just so I can write down things I want to post about.

That's all of my July blog goals; do you have any goals for your blogs?

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