23 Week Blog Challenge


I love blogging, it's so fun to type about anything and everything I want in my own little space, but I think I have hit blogger's block (does anyone else get this?!) I don't want my content to be poo, but at the same time I don't want to let you down on a day I'm meant to post so I have set myself a challenge! 
Once a week, either Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday, leading up to the new year, I am going to do the things on the list below (in any order, I will just cross off what I have done). As the new year is 23 weeks away, I have made 23 questions.
This way, I can refer back to this little list I have made for myself and write about something! Feel free to copy the list if you want because sometimes it's hard coming up with ideas!

1) Favourite Items In My Make Up Collection
2) Outfit Of The Day
3) 10 Facts About Me
4) Places I Want To Visit
5) Things To Make Me Smile
6) £20 Make Up Challenge
7) Products I Need To Re-purchase
8) This Or That?
9) How To Stay Organised
10) Blogging Tips
11) Q&A
12) Beauty Wishlist
13) My Bucket List
14) What Inspired Me To Blog
15) Then Vs Now
16) Go To Make Up
17) Life Update
18) Love Life
19) Christmas Gift Guide
20) Favourite Things About Winter
21) What Have I Learnt This Year?
22) What Is On My Christmas Wishlist?
23) New Year Goals

I'm looking forward to doing these! Send me links if you decide to do it too!

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