10 Things I Hate About Summer


I know I shouldn't complain about all the nice weather we've been having because it can go back to being cold and wet again, but there are some things that I just don't enjoy about summer weather. So lately over here in England we've had heat of up to 30 degrees, which has inspired me to write this '5 Things I Hate About Summer' list (very cheerful, I know!)

Let's begin:

1: Hayfever
If you don't suffer from hayfever then 1) you probably can't relate to this one as much, and 2) I envy you. It's not fun sitting there and having a sneezing attack, with watery/itchy eye (despite having taken hayfever tablets). It just makes it less possible to enjoy the nice weather.

2: Nights are too hot
There is only a certain amount of times where you can flip your pillow/covers over to the 'cold side' before it ends up a sweaty mess like you. Sleeping in this heat is not comfortable!

3: You still have to work in it
I don't have the luxury anymore where as a kid I could go out to enjoy the weather or play around in a pool whenever I liked. Being an adult means having to go to work in whatever weather with people telling you how nice it is outside!

4: Bugs
These nasty little thing take advantage of your open windows and like to take up residence in your home. It's either boil at night or let the new guests in.

5: Sunburn
No matter how much factor 50 sun cream I put on, there's that one spot that hasn't been covered properly and is stupidly painful. 

6: Children
Just like the bugs in number 4, you're most likely to find children everywhere. It's fantastic that the darlings get 6 weeks off school which means 6 weeks to ruin your fun, or even your shopping trips. I work in retail, and it seems to be that the new 'family day out' is a trip to the supermarket. Go away.

7: UK heat is not the same as abroad heat
I think it's because we have to do so much at home in this weather it's just draining, whereas going abroad you can sit in your bikini without a care in the world.

8: Sweat
Not just feeling disgusting in my own clothes, but man everyone stinks all of the time!

9: Shaving
I don't have an excuse to not shave anymore by living in jeans and leggings because I'd boil! Shaving is a chore in itself really, and it's finding the spare time to do it.

10: It's too hot
I've probably mentioned this one, but just to emphasise it I'll say it again; it's 2 hot 4 lyf.

Does this list match yours? What do you hate about summer?

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  1. I agree with the point about the summer holidays, I find that everything is just so busy, so even popping down to the shops feels like a mammoth task xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! Exactly, being hot and busy makes simple things more stressful x