What I'm Taking In My Hand Luggage | Ireland 2017


You're probably not aware because I haven't mentioned this, but on Sunday I shall be jetting off to Ireland for a week! As my grandparents have a holiday home out there, my family try to book a holiday at least once a year. I haven't been since August 2016 so I'm excited to go back!

In this post I want to show you some of the things I think are needed in hand luggage when travelling on an aeroplane. (The flight isn't that long at all but these things are still needed!!)

A Book - All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven
I always like to take a book with me in my hand luggage because sometimes when it's quiet it's nice to pass the time by reading! The flight isn't that long though, but at least I can make some progress in a new book.

Travel Money
You can't go on holiday without some spending money in your hand luggage! So many nice things in duty to buy for yourself, gifts to take home for other people, or even a drink/snack on the plane.

Notebook and Pen
If I'm not busy reading, I might have some ideas for new posts that I need to write down. It is even handy for remembering places I may like to visit. There's always a reason you'll need a notebook and pen in your bag!

After all of that rushing around at the airport and sitting on a plane, it's best to keep some deodorant on me to stop myself from being smelly when I get off the plane.

Tissues (and handwipes) are always a necessity on a flight, who knows when you'll need to use them!

That's it for the essentials, anything else can go in the hold luggage. I'll let you know how it went!

Where are you going on holiday this year?

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