Vegan Lemon Cake


Hello everyone! Gosh, it has been a while hasn't it? I want to get back into the swing of blogging again, and there's some things I wanted to share with you all (things I have been up to, and new things I have bought).

On my day off from work last week, I decided I wanted to get into baking; I hadn't made a cake before, so why not try it out? I wanted to start with something simple so I searched around for 'vegan cake recipes' before stumbling across this Lemon Cake Recipe from BBC Good Food.

Before I started on anything, I had to hunt down all the ingredients and equipment needed to make the cake. Following the recipe on the website linked above, here's what I used:

For the cake:
1 loaf tin
275g of Self Raising Flour
200g of Caster Sugar
1tsp of Baking Powder
Juice of half a lemon
170ml of Cold Water
100ml of Vegetable Oil
For the icing:
150g Icing Sugar
Juice of half a lemon

It didn't take me long to add the ingredients together. First I added the dry ingredients to my mixing bowl (flour, caster sugar, baking powder) before adding the wet ingredients (vegetable oil, water, lemon). Mixing all of these together until the cake mixture was smooth.

Next I greased up my loaf tin (so that the cake wouldn't stick to it and I'll end up with a broken cake). I preheated the oven on Gas Mark 6/200C then poured all of the mixture into the tin, and waited half an hour for it to bake.

After baking and waiting for the cake to cool down, I mixed together the final ingredients (icing sugar, lemon juice). The made the topping for the cake.

Finished result:
Once again the recipe credit goes to BBC Good Food, I just followed it!

(Btw it tasted very nice, the icing was very sweet though!)

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