Hornchurch Country Park | Photography


Well here's a post that has been delayed a bit! As you know, as well as the beauty posts, I love to take photographs when I have the opportunity to do so. On Bank Holiday Monday (29th May) me and my parents went over to Hornchurch Country Park to have a little walk and take photographs (of course as soon as we got there we stopped to have a cup of tea). Below are my favourite photographs I took that day!

Ladybird on a plant
You wouldn't believe the amount of times it took to capture this photograph! The wind kept blowing so the plant moved every time, but with a bit of patience I got there and here's the result!

Casually got down onto the floor into 'photographer pose' to capture this. Just let the path draw you into the distance. (People came around the corner shortly after this was taken so I shot straight back up).
Yellow flowers
I have no idea what these plants are called but I thought the yellow was beautiful against the green leaves!

Walking by, we stumbled across some logs that were just laying on the ground. I got closer and captured the detail in the wood.

Purple Plant
As you can probably tell, I have no idea what the names of plants are, I just know that they look pretty! At the end of the walk, I saw these beautiful plants next to the cafe so I had to get close and photograph them. It looks so nice against the green background!

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