Boots Beauty Buys | February 2017


Hello and welcome back to my blog! I know it's March, but I have a few beauty bits I bought from Boots in February that I'd like to share with you. So, here we go!

We're still in the winter months so lip products are essential. My other lip balms had run out/gone out of date so I picked up this strawberry flavoured one from Boots to save my lips from the cold!

This was also on my Beauty Wishlist post so I decided to treat myself to it! It's similar to Budapest but a bit more purple.

It was recommended to me that I should use baby shampoo when cleaning my make-up brushes so I bought this to see what the results are like! (I'll probably use it on my head too)

Mascara is one of the products I replace regularly (and I never seem to stick to the same one). I decided to give this one a go because I want to get the long-lash-look.

Another NYX product! I just felt I needed to give more of their products a try.

I bought this for the same reason as the mascara; I like to replace eye products regularly. I thought I'd try NYX because I loved their lip products, so why not give their eye products a go? After testing this I found it lasts a long time, and is easy to apply.

Have you tried any of these?

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