5 Things I Hate About Winter


Despite being born in January and being a winter baby, I can honestly say I do not enjoy the winter months! Here's 5 things I hate about winter:

1: It's Too Cold
I'm always cold anyway, so the winter months make it even worse. It's not fun getting out of bed to embrace the chilly winds. (I'm just happy I have my giant human hot water bottle) 

2: Dry Skin
My hands get covered daily in hand cream because they get dry and cracked so easily! It's not nice having sore hands.

3: It's Dark Longer
It's weird leaving the house when it's dark, getting to work just as the sun is rising, and then as I leave work it's dark again! Do I ever see the light?

4: Icy Cars
You can't ever leave in a rush in the winter if you drive; you need to wait until the windows are clear enough to drive safely.

5: Snow
It hasn't snowed in my area for a while, but when it does what's the point of snow? Okay, when you're a child it's all fun and games, but when you're an adult with a full-time job then it's just a hinderance.

That's all for me being an old lady moaning about winter! What do you hate about the winter months?

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