Tattoo Aftercare


As I got 3 new tattoos on Wednesday, I thought that this would be the perfect time to post about tattoo after care. I'm no tattoo expert, I just found a routine that works for me.

Anyone out there that has just got tattooed, or wants to get their first tattoo? Or quite simply you're looking for a new routine to look after your tattoos? Well look no further because here's some tips that you could follow to achieve the best after care for your tattoos!

First of all, I would like to point out that if you are seriously thinking about booking a tattoo, then go to a legit artist and look up their work. If you're unsure, shop around and get recommendations from people because at the end of the day it's permanent on your body so 1) you don't want something that it looks like a 3 year old has drawn, and 2) you don't want some dodgy back-street artist that gives you an infection/scarring all for the sake of saving like £50 or whatever.

Okay, now that's out of the way let's get started! (I'm going to break this up into sections)

Fresh Tattoos

Wow, look at that! You've got your new fresh tattoo! It's a bit sore to begin with, but why wouldn't it be? You've just had needles go into your skin a lot of times! Here they've wrapped it in cling film, and some would put a pad on it too.

Most places will give you a sheet to do with after care but sometimes it gets confusing (my artist has said that some people mistake 'wrap' for being plasters). By 'wrap' it means cling film. Nothing else.

If you get the tattoo in the morning, I suggest cleaning it with non-perfumed soap and water before you go to bed to get the gunk off it (don't soak it, gently splash water on it to clean). Then re-wrap before sleeping.

If you get the tattoo later on in the day, just leave the wrap on until the morning. Either way, the tattoo will leak in the night so you may need to sleep with some sort of towel to stop the ink going onto your nice clean sheets!

Keep cleaning the tattoo in the same way and re-wrapping it to stop  infection getting in for a couple of days, then it's time to start putting the cream on.

Putting cream on tattoos helps sooth the skin when it's healing, just like you'd put cream on if you hand sore hands.
Personally I like to use Dream Cream from Lush, and (pictured above) the smaller hand & body cream Charity PotYou can also use Bepanthen but it's up to you (I only use Dream Cream because it's vegan).

Follow the process of cleaning, putting cream on, wrapping a few times a day until it's fully healed. Healing may take up to 3 weeks depending on your own skin so be patient!

Some Don'ts:
  • Don't pick the scabs
  • Don't expose it to sunlight
  • Don't soak it
  • Don't get it dirty
If you're worried at all, always go to the tattoo artist as they are the professionals.


One small point I'd like to make is that I like to moisturise my tattoos (after they've healed) as it keeps the skin fresh and flake-free. Any moisturiser would be okay.

Sun and Tattoos

If you get tattooed in the summer, protect your healing tattoo from the sun (maybe by using long sleeves), don't put sun cream on until it's fully healed.

It is important we look after our tattoos in the sun. If you get burnt and expose your unprotected skin to sun then this would make tattoos fade a lot quicker (and after paying all that money, why would you want that?!)

I have moisturising sun lotion in factor 50. I don't go below 50 for my tattoos as I want to be as protected as I can be. So it's safer than being sorry. Cover all areas with the sun lotion, and if you're swimming reapply it.

Thanks for reading. Hope this was informative! (Don't forget to ask your artist for any information you need).

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